3 weeks, baby!

27 09 2015

End of week three and although this week has been sort of a let down weight loss wise, overall I have lost 11.8 pounds!!


Although I do have one regret. 

I normally always weigh and measure myself each week and take pictures. But not this time.

Why not?

Excellent question! I don’t know! But I sure wish I had. Oh, I took pictures…and although I know there had definitely been a change in how my clothes fit, there’s not a huge difference when you look at the photos. 

Believe me…you do NOT want to see those photos.


Man, I wish I had taken measurements. 

Oh well. I should probably start today, huh?!!

How are you doing? Getting frustrated by the number on the scale? Don’t rely on that! I promise you, that scale is fickle!

Measure, measure, measure! Trust that number and if you are being true to your new and healthy lifestyle, it won’t let you down!!


26 09 2015

I just don’t have much to say today.   

And it’s really ok! 

This week was a good week. I lost a couple pounds, I feel like I have control of my cravings, I’m working out…


How are you doing? We’re 3 weeks in and all I can say is I’m SO glad my friend reached out. I’m so glad I decided to jump in and make a change…because wow, to have let another three weeks go by feeling miserable, I just couldn’t have taken any more!

How are you doing? Do you have someone you can rely on to keep you going? Do you blame yourself for not having the will power to keep on keeping on?

A friend of mine once told me this quote that really stuck with me… 

Think about it: 
~ Why aren’t you making the change your health needs? 

~ There’s still something giving you pleasure in the lifestyle you’re living. What is it? 

~ Is there anything you could lose if you continue down the path you’re currently on?

~ Are you ok with that?

~ What are you waiting for? 

When did I get so old?

24 09 2015

I heard a LONG time ago, that if you can get to your goal weight when you’re in your 30s, it’s easier to maintain as you get older.

That is so true and I praise God that I did just that very thing.

Because seriously…losing weight now, in my 40s, is flippin’ hard! 

I always heard that you metabolism slows down and it’s harder to lose weight as you get older but I never actually believed it. I just figured those old people were lazy.

Um yeah, I AM one of those old people now and ‘they’ were right!!

But y’know…so what??!!

Were you not so fortunate to hear that magical phrase when you were in your 30s? Prove ’em wrong!

Let’s show them that 40 is NOT old… honestly, I LOVE my age and the things I can do with this body of mine. It may take a little longer…but we can lose this weight!

Who’s in??  


23 09 2015

Ever been thankful that it’s Monday?

I got this text from a friend of mine and I couldn’t have agreed more:

The weekends are so hard! That fridge is faaaar too close for comfort. 

Stupid fridge.

But we’re doing good now! It’s Wednesday…  

We’re down a pound…WOOP-WOOP!!

It’s time to gooooooo!!


And so I cheated.

22 09 2015

I was doing pretty well yesterday until I decided to take the boxed lunch offered at work.

I didn’t need to take it, I brought a couple hard boiled eggs and a cheese stick to eat, but I took it.

And when I opened that bright, gleaming white box of joy, I found a southwest chicken wrap, chips and a brownie.


But I ate it!!

Ok, not ALL of it. But I did eat the wrap. Which was AWESOME I might add.

Thankfully my work has an Amazing culinary staff who post calorie count, ingredients, etc… for everything they prepare. So I knew I had just consumed 420 cals!


So it was NOT a good idea to make spaghetti for the fam (which really isn’t a temptation for me) but y’know I, apparently, just HAD to test the angel hair spaghetti noodles!



although not so much after.

Yeah. So THAT happened. 

Thankfully I record my eating faithfully and VERY accurately on My Fitness Pal so I knew how much I was over in calories.

So I went for a couple walks. 

Yes I did. Honestly, to even out my terrible red negative numbers!!

And it paid off! No weight gain on the scale today!! Praise God!! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


How are you doing? See? We all fail. We all slip up. Don’t let it dictate how you move forward! 

Remember… marathon, not sprint. You’re in it for the long haul, not for the right now! Make the change. You CAN do this!!

A new day…let’s keep the munching to a minimum!

21 09 2015

Wow I was hungry (and a bit foolish) yesterday!๐Ÿ˜• 

The fam made some SERIOUSLY YUMMY grilled cheese for lunch and so I chose to make an omelet for myself…y’know, stay away from those carbs!!


evil carbs๐Ÿ˜ฉ

But what I couldn’t stay away from was the cheese.  Oh, it was soooo goooood!! And so, I didn’t which, of course, KILLED my calorie count for the day!


Not to mention, I am craving salt so I desperately wanted some chips, and almost caved… but I KNEW that if I had one, I wouldn’t stop there.



Thankfully I have friends who talked me down from the ledge…

and garbanzo beans.

Oh yeas. In a last ditch attempt at satisfying my craving, although pushing me over the top in calories, these little buggers did the trick!


Roasted Garbanzo Beans!!

They KILLED my need for salt and crunch, filled me up, and I was gooooooood!!

Roasted Garbanzo Bean Recipe:

  • 2 cans garbanzo beans – rinse and pat ‘dry’ with paper towel.
  • Remove any ‘skin’ that fell off (you’ll see them)
  • Toss with 1/2 Tbsp olive oil and sprinkle with salt, garlic powder, chili powder, pepper… whatever spices you like
  • Bake in shallow baking pan at 450 degrees for about an hour (for desired crunchiness – I like them nice and crunchy)๐Ÿ˜‰

So how are you doing?? What tricks do you have to help you through those hard times of craving?

Stay on course…it’s a hard, long, road but that weight you gained didn’t come on overnight either.

Show yourself what you’re made of!!


It’s a good day!

20 09 2015

Had the best time at the Isane Inflatable 5k yesterday!

My race peepsโค๏ธ

It was a great day of running, climbing, jumping, sliding…





And of course, my favorite: 


But honestly, this race was so much fun it didn’t even need racebling! (But I am certainly NOT complaining!!)
Then made a new recipe for dinner…Parmesan-Ranch Baked Zucchini Coins!

I wish I had taken a picture of the final product, but they were fantastic!! I would use a smaller zucchini next time but Oh.My.Word. tasty!!

And the recipe? Super easy:

  • 2 cups zucchini unpeeled & cut horizontally into 1/4-inch slices
  • Mix โ…“ cup Ranch dressing & ยผ cup grated Parmesan cheese together and spread on both sides of cut zucchini
  • Lay on cookie sheet and bake at 475ยฐF for 10 minutes or until tops are lightly browned.


So how’s your weekend going? Are you killing it or the other way around?

Weekends are hard but it’s also a great time to get out and get active and really dive into this new way of life you’ve been wanting!

Don’t wait! It’s already been 2 weeks for me…  make your change now!!