Made to Crave – day 1

3 10 2015

So I finally started going through the Made to Crave book and boy, it spoke volumes.


I watched the video a couple nights ago and yes, it touched me…it made me excited to start this journey and get back on track spiritually with God. But mentally changing the food part, I wasn’t fully in. 

I’ve been making unhealthy food choices, honestly, because I hadn’t started the study yet. I hadn’t fully committed to the change I needed to make because I hadn’t started reading and so justified those choices by telling myself my diet would officially start when I actually started the study.

Right now I would enjoy the spoils – my “last supper” of sorts – until I was forced to go back to diet deprivation.

And although I did start reading this morning, and boy did it affect me…


In my mind I am STILL telling myself…

“I’ll start Monday.”


It is unbelievable the power that the evil one has over me!!



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