Made to Crave – day 1

3 10 2015

So I finally started going through the Made to Crave book and boy, it spoke volumes.


I watched the video a couple nights ago and yes, it touched me…it made me excited to start this journey and get back on track spiritually with God. But mentally changing the food part, I wasn’t fully in. 

I’ve been making unhealthy food choices, honestly, because I hadn’t started the study yet. I hadn’t fully committed to the change I needed to make because I hadn’t started reading and so justified those choices by telling myself my diet would officially start when I actually started the study.

Right now I would enjoy the spoils – my “last supper” of sorts – until I was forced to go back to diet deprivation.

And although I did start reading this morning, and boy did it affect me…


In my mind I am STILL telling myself…

“I’ll start Monday.”


It is unbelievable the power that the evil one has over me!!


2 10 2015

Yup, that’s how I’m feeling today.  

Not feeling inspired or motivated today, so I will leave you with this.

No excuses.

We get one chance at this and life is way too short to get caught up in a pattern of over-indulgence, regret, and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

Today is a new day. It’s a new chance. 

You are here for a reason…don’t waste it by focusing on your downfalls and mistakes. Let’s start anew!!

Now’s the time! A new day, a new slate. 

What are you going to write on yours?




1 10 2015

The word of the day: empowered

That’s what Lysa Terkeurst says in her book/video series: Made To Crave.

I think this is going to be a great study for me because I realized (although knew all along) that the thing I think about, take comfort in, turn to, find refuge in, depend on… is food. 

I need to find my “want to” in eating right and taking care of myself. I need to feel empowered, not deprived.
It’s interesting…Lysa quotes a medical doctor in the beginning of the video ( I wish I had written down his name) who says something to the affect that will power is not enough…you can’t do this on your own – essentially, there is a faith factor.

I am fully sinning when I put anything before God and boy, I certainly do put food first.

I haven’t even really started reading this book yet and all I can say so far?

Eye opening.

How did I do yesterday? Terrible. I have crossed over the threshold of only eating good for me foods to eating well, whatever I want.

Fully back up into the 180’s again. 


At least it seems there just needs to be a mindset change…so let’s start there.