No hope.

29 09 2015

Hi. My name is Nicole and I am a food addict.

And an emotional eater.


I was so stressed at work yesterday that I lost all control of eating. All I brought to work was good food but I couldn’t get enough. I was craving badly and I didn’t even know for what!

So when I got home I had my frozen yogurt…  

My go to treat when I need something sweet…and it didn’t work. I was scrounging through the fridge and cupboards like I hadn’t eaten for days!

I scooped some peanut butter. A piece of bread. Some chocolate milk.

I texted my friends who are keeping me accountable…

And heard nothing.

Honestly, I was glad because I didn’t want to hear back any “you can do it” or ” it’s not worth it, stay strong” because that’s what I had been telling myself all day.

I was done.

 I eventually gave in to these… 
Which really aren’t that bad for you…but they’re a little sweet and that triggered it and caused a slight binge on chocolate milk and two packages of these:

Oh stop. I know you’re thinking…”gees, that’s not so bad I would’ve gone for a candy bar or ice cream.” 

Believe me, I wanted to but if I had gone there?? There would be no turning back.

I am back up to nearly 180. All of my hard work to get to the 70’s? 


6 pounds gained back in 2 days when it took me 2 weeks to take it off!!!

What is wrong with me??!!

So I need help. I need a plan when I get like this. People say go run…get exercise…but that is not realistic while I’m at work.

Pray. Yes, I pray and I know prayer works…but I am totally the one mental enough to grab that candy bar or whatever it is. 


How do I curb these cravings and get control when I’m stressed? What do you do?



2 responses

29 09 2015

I’m right there with you, girl!! When you find the answer, please let me know!! Hope today is better for you. 🙂

29 09 2015
i spy God

Ugh. This SUCKS!!

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