Summerfest Rock n’ Sole Run

17 06 2014

Last weekend was the Summerfest Rock n’ Sole Run in Milwaukee, WI.  Cole and the gang made a valiant showing with all C&G racers PR’ing in their respective races!!


Ok, granted there were only two of us…Cole, and her faithful gangsta’ Liz!!


Wishing we could use the gigantic BMO shoe during the race!!

But we ROCKED IT!!!

Although we had a slightly later start than originally planned… someone felt like sleeping in, I guess.  😉

But never fear, we made it with plenty of time to spare!!

2014-06-14 06.55.42

at the race start

Ahem, yeah…about 3 minutes!


But really, who wants to just stand around anyway??!!

2014-06-14 06.58.50

Liz and some of her fellow 5k’ers

Although the slight problem with a 7:00 start time and getting there just in time is the fact that we drove an hour and a half to get there…eating and drinking a little bit on the way…and some of us are VERY REGULAR at that time in the morning…and no porta potties were to be found.


Ok, TMI, I know.  But seriously, it happens.

But there wasn’t much of an option at that point so I clenched, the gun fired, and I was off!!

2014-06-14 06.58.36

My wave was ‘G’ — which really meant GET OUT OF MY WAY, I NEED A POTTY!

I was eager to do this race, not only because of the medal, but because it ran through the Third Ward downtown Milwaukee, then we would “take it to the bridge” running over the Hoan Bridge, through Lakeshore State Park along Lake Michigan and then finish at the Summerfest grounds!!

And I wasn’t disappointed!!  It was a great run… there were live bands playing on many of the downtown corners and with over 9000 participants, there were people everywhere!!

2014-06-14 07.33.24

And the view??  Outstanding!!

2014-06-14 07.35.47

Plus, the distances offered were Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon & 5k and I was ALL OVER saying I did a quarter marathon!!  Granted, it’s practically a 10k, but quarter marathon sounds WAAAAY better!!

Although I must be honest, this was NOT an easy race.  That bridge is freakin’ long and inclined for over 1 1/2 miles, I swear, and I still had to go to the bathroom!!  NOT.FUN.  PLUS, as usual, I started this race like every other… wondering why the heck I signed up for it.

The first mile was tough…especially because as I was wondering when it would be done, I remembered I still have over 5 more to go!!


Mile 3 and 4 were the worst for me…probably because of that stinkin’ bridge…

2014-06-14 07.44.23

Taking on the bridge!

2014-06-14 07.47.03

SOOOO glad that’s over!! Took long enough!!

But I got ‘er done, ran along Lakeshore, headed to the finish, and ended up getting my best time for a race so far!!


Oh, yes I did.  Although it could’ve been because I NEEDED A POTTY!!

2014-06-14 09.25.28

And so did Liz!!  (had her best time…not needed a potty)

Liz finished hers in 48!  Her BEST.TIME.YET!!

Liz finished hers in 48! Her BEST.TIME.YET!!


Cole and the gang at the finish!!

2014-06-17 16.29.20 2014-06-17 16.29.36 2014-06-17 16.29.05 2014-06-17 16.28.42


Oh yes. We are ROCKSTARS!!

2014-06-14 08.05.41

Ok…so it is all about the #racebling!!

What are you saying without saying a word?

10 06 2014

This past Sunday as I plopped down in a seat at church, a girl sitting in the row behind me yelled at me:  “Nicole!  You’ve been on my mind and I have something for you!”  She handed me a bright orange bag that in it was a gorgeous turquoise flower clipped to a card.


As I read what the card said, I was shocked.  The description fit me to a T.  I hugged my friend and as I thanked her she said:  “There was a Rock Star flower but it’s black and I didn’t want to give you a black flower.  So, I got you this one, even though I know you’re already there, but you are such an inspiration.  Thank you.”

I couldn’t believe the impact a person can have on someone else without even saying a word.  You see, many years ago I weighed a lot more than I do now and I worked my butt off (quite literally) to get into shape.  Since then I have tried to encourage friends and family to do the same.

Honestly, because working out is not fun alone.

But it’s not my words that get them moving, well…some might be…but it’s my actions.  It’s my tireless hours of getting up early to run, trying to stay active and eating well, it’s falling back into old habits but picking myself up again, starting over and just getting it done.

Working out sucks but it is worth it.  It is what we need to have energy, stay positive, feel strong, and young…

plus we get to eat more!!


I heard a quote Sunday that sums it up:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
-Maya Angelou

What are you doing to inspire someone?

How are you living your life and pushing yourself so that someone else might think…
“Hmmm, maybe I can do that!”

You can do far more than you think you can.